Greenovative solutions

Social Welfare

We have been blessed, and we wish to share our blessings with others. We strive to not only succeed as individuals, but to succeed as a collective on this planet which we all call “home”.
Greenovative solutions is a proud supporter of educating the youth in Pakistan to provide them with a platform for a brighter future. This keeps them out of trouble, and guarantees them greater success. We directly cover their schooling fees, as well as providing personal funds so that they may fully focus on their studies and not look for them elsewhere.
Our companies success greatly depends on our hardworking and devoted labour, and we are deeply grateful. We cover the healthcare of our day-labourers in both ordinary and emergency cases to ensure that they are happy and well. Housing is also provided for them and their families. We are currently housing more than 50 families, and are building additional housing so that we may provide homes for more.
Every day, we host a food drive in places where food is not easily accessible. Two-hundred people are guaranteed to be fed a warm meal, 365 days a year.
​To love, both this earth and it’s people, is our greatest calling.